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About Us

My brother Logan, and myself, AJ, were discussing the high costs associated with the install of residential HVAC systems. We began formulating a simple business plan that would allow us to provide high quality HVAC system installation services, and Simply Installs was born.

Simply Installs is a family owned and operated residential HVAC contractor. It is owned, managed, and operated by my brother and myself; and together we bring over 20 years of HVAC, electrical, and plumbing experience to the table.  So when you reach out to Simply Installs, you will be contacted by one of us to give you your estimate.  Also know you will have the same exact guys who gave you the estimate doing the installation!

We have been targeting a slow growth strategy which aims to keep our overhead and operational costs low, as well as keep our scheduling and workload outlook very manageable and convenient for our customers. What does this mean for you? Much lower system installation costs than are typically associated with the larger contractors.

A major part of our business strategy is to keep our operating cost very low and pass those savings directly to our customers, and we have been very successful using this strategy so far (since Simply Installs inception over 4 years ago). I’m sure you are wondering how we aim to accomplish this, below are a few of our key strategies.

We are typically able to respond back to customer inquiries as within 2-4 hours and offer extremely accurate quotes with some basic information, and we typically don’t need to schedule an in-home visit for some system options. 

We don’t hard-sell.  We don’t aim to close jobs at the “Kitchen Table,” and we prefer to email the estimate and allow the customer to take their time in reviewing the proposal and work up any questions that they may have to allow them to make the best informed decision possible.  This is a large home purchase as we have ZERO interest in having any customers that form buyers remorse from being hard sold some high priced equipment. We aim to answer online inquires within 24 hours, and provide some system options within 48-72 hours (Possibly more possibly less depending on the systems complexity and our current workload).  

If we feel we can’t fulfill your needs we will be sure to give our best possible recommendation of a contractor that can meet your needs, as we know that our structure does not work for everyone’s situation.

We do not target service calls or service contracts to gain entry into peoples homes. We know that we are leaving a lot of work on the table by not targeting service work, but we could not find a good way to incorporate handling service calls into our business strategy of keeping overhead low. Plus there are plenty of contractors in the area that offer these services with little or no discount given to a customer buying an entire system. We can recommend service contract providers in your area at request.

We do not have a 24 hour call center, but we strive to answer every call (or we will return the call as quickly as possible).

Let me just summarize what all this means to you, the end customer. At Simply Installs we strive to offer some of the absolute best system value to our customers. We will never strive to be the cheapest out there, we will not compromise our system quality to save a few dollars to make us the cheapest possible option. What we will do is design our systems to run in the most efficient way possible, while offering the best bang for your buck. Our goal is to help you meet your home comfort goals in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. If we do our jobs right, you should enjoy years of trouble free operation with only a very minimal amount of system maintenance.

If you are in need of a new heating and/or cooling system for your home or shop, we are your guys! We can typically provide various options to best meet your needs, while keeping your project on-time and on-budget.

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My wife and I were incredibly impressed and happy with our heating and cooling upgrade done by Simply Installs. We received other quotes and from the conversation we had with Logan we felt he was the most knowledgeable of all the contractors. We live in an old house and needed some creative solutions to reduce our propane usage. The other contractors had solutions that would reduce it a bit, but Logan had a solution that would reduce it drastically. All the work was reasonably priced and the installation was great. They worked hard and were respectful of our time and property. Being that the house is old, they ran into several issues but none seemed to phase them – they found workarounds to all of them and they always went the extra mile to do what they said they would do. In the end, we now have very efficient heating that will save us thousands a year and as a bonus, we have efficient air conditioning as well now. Because it is all electric, we are going to install solar and go from paying upwards of a thousand dollars a month in propane costs to paying nothing for heating and cooling in a big old farm house. Pretty amazing. If you need heating or cooling work done, you should call these guys immediately.
Joshua Kunkel

Heating & cooling upgrade