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Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps


Huge strides have been made in Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) technologies over the years, all while become more affordable. Things have finally come far enough in this field that New York State has finally begun to accept certain ASHPs as primary heat sources for residential properties. We have become fond of ASHPs by Bosch and Mitsubishi, but don’t hesitate to recommend and install systems by Fujitsu and LG (depending on application and customers expectations).

The Bosch inverter heat pumps are the perfect option for customers who have forced air furnaces and want to add a high efficiency, quiet heat pump. Gone are the days of the loud 2-stage heat pumps that operate much like standard air conditioners, the Bosch systems operate with inverter compressors that start at lower speeds and ramp up as needed thus delivering heating and cooling at a quiet 55 dBa.

The Bosch system continuously monitors refrigerant pressures & temperatures and modulates to achieve efficiencies of 18.5 SEER and 9.5 HSPF. These systems can often deliver savings when heating with natural gas down to roughly 45 ambient exterior degrees outdoors, and if on propane or natural the savings you can enjoy operational savings down to an ambient outdoor temperature of roughly 15 degrees.

The Mitsubishi (as well as LG and Fujitsu) ductless mini splits operate with technology much like that in the Bosch, actually Mitsubishi has a heavy hand in the equipment used to construct the Bosch units, but offer additional options regarding the installation and operation. The mini splits are typically used in scenarios where the home does not have existing duct work, or where the installation of duct work is not possible.

Mini split heat pumps are also offer zoning, and can be set up to be more efficient than the Bosch inverter heat pumps.

Don’t like the look of the typical boxy indoor head? Well you are in luck, there are a few other options to consider when looking at mini splits, options like a lower wall unit, in-ceiling cassette unit, or even a concealed-ducted unit.

Are you on natural gas and would like high efficiency air conditioning, as well as save a little money on the shoulder months (40-60 degree outdoors)? Are you on propane or fuel oil and want to drastically reduce your heating costs and free yourself from the potential or fuel delivery shortages, all while adding high efficiency air conditioning?

Contact Simply-Installs today to discuss how installing an Air Source Heat Pump will answers these issues!